Solar Flashing LED Beacons - Stay Safe and Secure in Any Conditions

Solar Flashing LED Beacons - Stay Safe and Secure in Any Conditions

28th Dec 2018

Solar LED Flashing Beacon - Stay Safe and Secure in Any Conditions

We see flashing beacons every day as we go about our lives. Whether they are designating a pedestrian crossing, school speed zone, or of an approaching curve or junction on the road, or performing another useful function, these handy pieces of equipment are vital for making our society and our communities that much safer.

With our range of solar LED flashing beacons, you can achieve this same level of safety for your own project or around your own property. What's more, the low electricity LED function, coupled with the solar panel component, make these beacons highly reliable for longer.

Let's take a closer look at these smart safety solutions.

Clear and Concise Information Delivery

Safety information should always be delivered with clarity and brevity. You need to know exactly what is being said, exactly what it means, and you need all of this made clear to you in a split second. This is what makes flashing beacons so important. This equipment is designed to catch the eye without delay, meaning that anyone in the area will automatically prioritize looking at the beacon and be made aware of any dangers.

This also adds nuance to the sign without removing its impact. For example, the classic "SCHOOL: SPEED LIMIT 15 WHEN FLASHING" is made even more effective because the beacons tell drivers and anyone else in the area when the sign is and is not in effect. Clear communication with no ambiguity - this is the result you can expect.

Versatility with Only Minimal Installation

Another great attribute of an LED flashing beacon is its versatility. These beacons can affix onto any existing post as the bracket is suitable for use with square, u-channel, or round signposts, as well as signposts made from wood, metal, or another material.

This means you will be able to move and re-position the beacon as you see fit, while installation and maintenance remain minimal.

High Performance with Low Energy Requirements

The solar panel means that the beacon can be deployed anywhere with no need for batteries, generators, or mains electricity power points. Different sizes and configurations of solar panels are available too, to accommodate for changes in light conditions. You will find that Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. offers different size solar panels from 20 watt to 40 watt that will provide more than enough energy for the low electricity LED component of our solar flashing LED beacons.

Timers are also available so you can program the beacon to flash at a certain pre-set time.

Take a look at our range of solar LED flashing beacons and find what you need today.