Square Sign Posts

Square Sign Posts

14th May 2018

Traffic safety is a top consideration for every municipality, so traffic control signs are deployed to help maintain order and institute free flow of traffic on the roads. Square signposts make excellent traffic sign posts as their square shape confers greater torsion stability. They are galvanized to make them rigid and durable, and their zinc coating constitutes a barrier which renders them rust free so that they can hold up year after year if left outdoors.

Structure of Square Sign Posts

Square sign posts are made from galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all the four sides. The use of a cutting-edge technology employed in the manufacturing process facilitates production of sections of the steel tubes in different sizes so that each section fits snugly into the next larger size.

They come equipped with installation tools and fittings which facilitate quick installation of signs on adjacent sides of the steel tubing. Additional accessories supplied with the tubing enable easy splicing and adjustments.

Traffic signposts are generally made from 12G and 14G steel, with the base post made from the thicker 12G steel. The base post is installed about 3 to 4 feet below the ground with about 6 inches of the post left above the ground. The 14G post is smoothly telescoped into the base post and bolted into position after which signs can easily be attached.

In order to avoid liability from injury or accidental death, private property owners are now mandated to mark their property with appropriate traffic signs or other control devices if members of the public travel on their property.

Telespar Square Sign Posts

Telespar Sign Post by Courtesy of Dornbos Inc

The Telespar brand is the star of square sign posts as it has distinct advantages over other brands. The Telespar square sign posts have greater loading capacity, and in high winds, they exhibit superior wind load capabilities so that signs on the posts are less susceptible to flutter or damage. They are usually easy to install and they can be replaced very quickly. The 1 ¼’’ Telespar signpost is very popular for its use in street sign installations and it is obtainable from only very few suppliers.

Other Uses of Square Sign Posts

Square signposts are very valuable as street signs, and they are very versatile in terms of the other uses to which they can be put. Various categories of street signs are available, each to serve a specific purpose.

School facilities are clearly marked with high visibility signposts to ensure safety and security of young school children, especially at school pedestal crossings. Delineated places, including access and reserved areas for the physically challenged, are conspicuously marked with signposts in compliance with government regulations.

Road construction signs are placed in appropriate locations at construction sites to alert motorists that construction work is in progress within the area and vehicular speed should be reduced to avoid accidents. Construction sites are also replete with signposts advising workers and visitors to comply with health and safety regulations on the site.

Custom and Decorative Sign Posts

Custom signposts are positioned in appropriate locations to inform or advise the public of peculiar situations in the area. For example, some beach fronts carry notices advising swimmers to be aware of dangerous sea animals that may cause harm to visitors.

Decorative signposts enhance the beauty of the neighborhood and add to the aesthetics of business districts. Businesses can create great first impressions by mounting their logo on high-quality decorative sign posts or brackets. Decorative signposts come in various designs, and there is room to incorporate one’s own custom designs to personalize or make the signpost unique.

Square signposts are great for use to control traffic and when put to other uses. They provide a fast, economical replacement for a damaged sign post following a snow storm or after being knocked down by motorists.