Starting a construction project? 3 must-have traffic control safety products

Starting a construction project? 3 must-have traffic control safety products

Posted by Mia on 20th Apr 2022

Starting a construction project? Here are 3 must-have traffic control safety products

Road work and construction projects are dangerous. Add changed traffic conditions into the mix, and safety becomes the number one priority.

According to the CDC, transportation incidents account for more than 65 percent of worksite fatalities in close proximity to roadways. Critically, as many as 100 construction workers are killed on-site each year. Traffic safety for construction is paramount.

Keep your construction team, passers-by, and the general public out of harm’s way with these three must-have traffic control safety products.


Drivers should be aware of upcoming road work or roadside construction well before passing it. With ample warning, they have time to adjust their speed to meet the changed conditions.

A ROAD WORK AHEAD sign is one of the best ways to warn oncoming motorists of nearby construction. Clear, legible, and to-the-point, these signs get the message across fast. Of course, there won’t always be construction on the roadside, and that’s why so many construction teams choose temporary signs.

Dornbos Sign & Safety offers USA-made temporary work zone signs that enhance safety without compromising efficiency. Although extremely durable, the rigid material is exceptionally lightweight – a 48-inch x 48-inch sign weighs less than five pounds compared to 50-pound plywood signs. This sign moves effortlessly with your crew.

Plus, 3M Diamond Grade Cubed Fluorescent Orange Reflective Sheeting ensures visibility day and night.

2. STOP/SLOW paddles

When traffic approaches your worksite, you need a top-quality STOP/SLOW paddle to control it. This is one of the most essential traffic safety products.

What should you look for when purchasing a STOP/SLOW paddle? Here are a few places to start:

  • Top tier durability – it needs to be tough enough to stand up to hard use, whatever the weather.
  • FHWA and MUTCD compliance – this is the gold standard when it comes to traffic control for construction.
  • Intense reflectivity – visibility is an integral feature of effective traffic control products.

    3. Reflective traffic cones

    Never underestimate the importance of a hard-wearing, highly reflective traffic cone. The humble traffic cone is up for the job, whether you’ve closed off a lane or need to redirect traffic away from a potential hazard.

  • Our 18-inch orange PVC traffic cones feature a three-pound base to ensure stability and a four-inch 3M high-intensity reflective collar. The interlocking base won’t separate from the cone even under stress. Better yet, these flexible cones can self-correct to their original shape after being crushed, which significantly extends their lifespan.

    Shop the traffic safety products you need to protect your team

    Here at Dornbos Sign & Safety, we’ve spent the past six decades helping countless motorists, construction teams, and pedestrians stay out of harm’s way on the road. So if you are gearing up for road work for a roadside construction project, we have the traffic control products you need to protect what matters most – your community.

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