The Benefits of Having Easy to Understand and Durable Signs

Posted by Ashley on 4th Sep 2017

Signs are getting more distinct with each passing year. This is making it easier for people to understand exactly what the sign is telling them at a short glance. The people who are in charge of designing these informational signs know that the individuals who are going to be using them may be stressed out, in a hurry, or distracted. And yet, the signs have to get through to them. Each sign can cost hundreds of dollars to manufacture, so heavy duty signs should be made to last for years.  

  • Bicycle Path Markers. Bicycling to get to the places you have to go has seen a surge in popularity in the past decade. It goes hand and hand with wanting to create a healthier planet. There are now clearly marked bicycle paths along roads and highways in busy cities, and they're becoming more popular in rural areas as well. These signs are meant to warn people traveling in vehicles to watch for cyclists and stay out of the bike path. This will reduce the chances of an accident or an injury happening because it's a marked pathway.
  • Custom Signs. Many businesses have begun designing and ordering customized signs for their store front or parking spaces. These signs could be directions for anyone who wants to come inside and look around, or something as simple as their hours of operation. They utilize these signs because they are generally more durable than your average stick-on marker and the business owner can customize them in a way many other types of decals can't be.
  • Galvanized Posts. Galvanized steel makes up most sign posts. These posts are a lower cost option, but they're the best option for durable signage. You'll also find yourself performing less maintenance and upkeep with this type of sign post. The Highway Department uses galvanized steel sign posts because they save the county money and they'll last through all kinds of weather conditions. They're very good at lasting through bumps, dings, or damage from vehicles or debris as well.
  • Highway Signs. If you're traveling down the highway at a decent rate of speed, you want to see the signs along the way quickly and easily. Highway signs serve to tell people of speed changes, directions, rest stops, and hospital or emergency service locations. These are particularly helpful if you're traveling through an area that you've never been to before. You won't know where to go like anyone local would, and you'll find yourself relying on signs more to find your way .
  • Parking Post Designations and Reflectors. Schools, offices, colleges, and hospitals may designate spaces for staff or visitors to park. If the sign is in front of a building, you may have noticed parking post reflectors fixed to each of these signs. These specially designed reflectors are meant to reduce the chances of someone backing into the sign posts and causing damage to the sign itself or their vehicles. These types of buildings also designate spots for handicapped access, and they are clearly marked with both signage and painting a symbol on the parking space. These signs are meant to deter anyone who doesn't have a handicapped plate or sign from parking in those spots.

Anyone can tell you how helpful it is to go to an area and see directions and signs that are marked and easy to read. It takes a weight off of your shoulders when you realize you have some guidance whether you are biking or driving, from out of town or local. Signs help to make our lives that little bit clearer.