The Best Signs Share These 4 Qualities

The Best Signs Share These 4 Qualities

14th Jan 2021

When browsing through signs online, they can all start to look the same. So, how do you know if a sign is high-quality? Despite looking similar on the surface, there are several factors that separate durable signs from cheap signs that just aren't worth the investment. If you don't know what to look for in signs, we recommend keeping an eye out for these 4 qualities:

1. Made in America
If you live in America, purchasing signs made in America is the safest choice. Of course, not all signs made overseas are of poor quality, but American manufacturers are bound by a certain set of guidelines and standards.

Purchasing signs made overseas may be tempting because of their low prices, but those prices often come about through cheap materials and underpaid labor. If you want signs that last for more than a few years, and don't enable the mistreatment of workers elsewhere in the world, American-made signs are the way to go.


2. High-Visibility

What use is a sign if it can't be seen at night or during non-ideal weather conditions? Accidentally paying for a sign that only works for half the day could put both drivers and pedestrians at risk of preventable collisions.
That's why the best signs on the market today use 3M High-Intensity Prismatic and 3M Diamond Grade reflective material. This material ensures that the sign is highly visible at all hours of the day, no matter the weather.


3. Quality Materials

Signs made using cheap plastic simply aren't going to last long enough to be worth your money. Nobody wants a sign that will break apart in a storm or fly away from a few gusts of wind. That could be incredibly dangerous, especially for crucial warning and traffic signs.

If you'd rather purchase a sign that will l ast you for a decade or longer, we recommend choosing signs made with traffic grade aluminum. Needless to say, .080 aluminum is heavier, stronger, and overall far more durable than plastic. It's more capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, potential collisions, and natural wear and tear.


4. Adherence to Safety Regulations

Signs that adhere to regulations, and both national and local safety standards, are a must. This includes compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

These regulations may refer to color, size, shape, symbols, visibility, or any other factor deemed relevant to ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. If the signs you're looking at don't expressly mention their compliance with these regulations, we'd recommend against purchasing them.


Dornbos Keeps Standards High

If you're looking for signs that meet these standards, Dornbos Sign and Safety is here for you. With 60 years under our belt as an independent sign business, we know this industry inside and out. We know what it takes to make effective, high-quality, and durable signs that communicate messages clearly and succinctly to drivers.

As a family-owned business in Charlotte, Michigan, ensuring that our signs keep people safe is our top priority . That's why we never deviate from the high standards we've set for ourselves. Our friendly team is on stand by to answer any questions you may have about our signs, how they're made, customization options, or anything else. you can contact us by emailing, calling 1-800-922-0029, or by filling out our online form.