The Funniest, Weirdest Street Names and Traffic Signs

The Funniest, Weirdest Street Names and Traffic Signs

18th Jun 2018

With so many streets, avenues, drives, and courts, how are cities supposed to keep all of their road names unique? There are far too many to even think of giving each one its own name — however, some cities take it a step further by naming their roads in ways you may never imagine.

That’s not all — some traffic signs are downright giggle-worthy as well. But hey, what better way to warn drivers of aggressive moose than a sign that reads “Invincible Moose Next 5 km”?

On this page, you’ll find some of the funniest, wildest street names and traffic signs around.

We’re sure you’ll make it to the end because they’re too good to miss!

1. No Name Road

A street sign in Mississippi may leave passersby confused. How do you give directions when the road has no name? I’d imagine there are many quips made to those receiving directions to No Name Road.

2. Roast Meat Hill Road

Located in Killingworth, Connecticut, passing by this sign may leave you hungry for dinner. Locals say it’s likely the oldest road in Killingworth, and it was originally used by the Indians as a trail between their village and the ocean. Most stories about how this road got its name have something to do with roasting livestock — not a pretty sight.

3. Pillow Talk Court

This short dead-end road located in Las Vegas is sure to encourage more than pillow talk. We’re not quite sure how it got its name, but it certainly makes us drowsy.

4. Puddin’ Ridge Road

If we drove down this road, we’re sure we’d be in the mood for some chocolate pudding. But how did this road get its name? Located in Moyock, North Carolina, legend has it that this road got its name after a heavy rain when the muddy roads looked like pudding.

5. Chicken Dinner Road

This road has us wanting to make it back to our mother’s house for a juicy chicken dinner. This road is located in Iowa, and word has it that Laura Lamb, a resident, consistently asked for the road to be improved. Naturally she was known for her chicken, and naturally, that’s how the road got its name.

6. Invincible moose next 5km

If you’re driving through Canada, you may stumble across this traffic sign — warning you of the possibility that you may encounter a moose. The traffic sign depicts a moose ramming its antlers into the front of a vehicle, and let’s just say — we’re going to speed through the next 5km.

7. Caution Water on Road During Rain

This traffic sign has us all scratching our heads. We think it seems like common sense, but you never know.

8. Touching Wires Causes Instant Death - $200 fine

It feels like the death penalty of touching wires would be enough, but the Newcastle Tramway Authority thinks you should also have to pay $200!

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