The Importance of Having Clear, Bright Signs

The Importance of Having Clear, Bright Signs

Posted by Ashley on 4th Sep 2017

If you've ever taken a walk around your local neighborhood, chances are you've noticed a lot of signs. They're usually bold enough to catch people's attention and clear enough that you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing. People use signs as safety measures to protect children, people who are out and about, bicyclists, and to prevent car accidents. The Highway Department carefully places for maximum effect, and the end goal is to keep everyone safe. This is why it is so important to have clear signage everywhere.

Bold Signage at Schools

When you begin to make a street sign, you have to include a lot of factors. You have to think about your audience, and what you want them to get from the quick glance they give the signs. If there are a lot of children around, you want your sign to clearly display this message so cars slow down and the drivers take notice. The protective signs around most schools are a great example of this; they're bright, bold, and easy to understand. School administrators usually have these signs posted before you go by playgrounds, at crosswalks, and around the parking lot. You may also see crosswalk guards holding stop signs so they can safely get the children to and from the school's vicinity. School officials design each of these precautions to keep your kids safe and to keep the signs easy enough for everyone to understand. See School Signs.

Hiking Trails

Each day, dozens of people get outside and go for trail walks or hikes. Each trail has a specific sign. This sign acts as a location marker in case of an emergency. There are usually additional signs placed at rest stops along the trail, or if the trail branches in several directions. There are maps of the area with the corresponding trails marked by the signs. This makes it easier for people to find their way, and if they get lost, it's easier for a rescue team to find them. Each of these signs helps to reduce fatalities. This is why each trail has them. They're also an easy way to give a location for a group to meet up for a hike. Once you have the location, there will be no question about where you're supposed to meet up.

Parking Garages

If parking garages didn't have clear signs, it would be chaos. Most people are happy to follow the posted directions, and it makes the entire process of finding a parking spot and exiting flow smoothly. Any parking garage is usually very busy in the mornings and early evenings. If there weren't clear signs posted telling drivers which ways to go, the risk of accidents would be significantly elevated. Each floor of the parking garage is clearly labeled as well. These signs make it easier to find your car at the end of each day.

Tourist Destinations

If you've ever been to a town that relies on tourism, you know that signs are a huge part of the entire infrastructure. Most tourists don't know the area like the locals do. This is the importance of signage. If there is a dangerous intersection or blind spots, you want them to know, and this will reduce the likelihood of an accident or someone getting hurt. Clearly marked signs will also help any person who isn't familiar with the area get around easier and find what they're looking for with less hassle.

Clear, bright, and easy to understand signs are a must in today's world. The goal is to get people to understand the message that the sign is trying to convey within a few seconds. A good sign can reduce the chances of accidents or injuries, and this makes them extremely important to any community.