The Many Uses of Hinged Traffic Signs

The Many Uses of Hinged Traffic Signs

26th Apr 2018

Hinged signs are an extremely helpful time-saver for temporary or seasonal display situations.

A hinged sign is permanently mounted on a sign pole or similar surface. When you don't want the sign to be active, you simply fold it over on itself. There's no need to remove and reinstall anything.

These signs generally have up to two flaps and two faces. It is possible to create a sign that has a neutral base with two flaps so that three total faces can be displayed, however. The signs can also be fitted with a locking device so that unauthorized persons won't be able to adjust and tamper with them. The face is covered so that vandals won't be tempted to ruin the sign while it is locked out.

There are all sorts of uses for hinged signs. The following are some of the types we most regularly handle in our shop.

Seasonal Load Signs

A hinged sign is very useful on any road that has seasonal load and speed restrictions due to "frost laws" protecting road surfaces during the spring thaw, or supersaturated pavement during rainy seasons. Large vehicles are usually required to substantially reduce their axle weights and travel speed during these seasons regardless of other posted limits. Hinged signs placed at strategic locations can simply be unlocked and opened during the relevant season and closed again when it is over.

Speed Restriction Signs

In addition to temporary speed restrictions due to a spring thaw or rainy season, roads may experience temporary speed limit reductions due to maintenance or lane closures. If these changes are expected to happen with any regularity, it will likely be more practical and cost-effective to simply have a hinged sign in place along that stretch.

"Water Over Road" Signs

Seasonal flooding is a fairly predictable risk in many areas. If a particular road is known to flood during the rainy season, a hinged "water over road" sign left in place can save much time and trouble.

Warning / Hazard Signs

Hinged signs are appropriate for all sorts of temporary warnings and hazards. For example, they're great for areas where pesticide treatments are regularly conducted. A folding STOP or SLOW sign can also be useful in areas where school is in session for part of the year.

Seasonal Animal Crossing Signs

Some areas have animal populations that are only prone to migrate across roads at particular times of the year, such as mating season or when they are en route to a warmer climate. For example, here in Michigan, drivers in more rural areas can sometimes encounter elk, deer, or even moose who like to migrate during the fall and spring months. A reflective hinged sign that warns drivers of these seasonal crossings really helps to reduce accidents, and can easily be folded up during the periods of the year when animals are not active in the area.

Temporary Detour Signs

Hinged signs can be very handy on permanently signed detour routes. If the main road is closed due to an emergency or accident, the signage to the detour route becomes available simply by unlocking the sign and flipping the flap. This can also potentially save time and hazards due to traffic jams as a conventional sign is brought to the scene and deployed.

Emergency Shelter / Severe Weather Signs

Hinged signs are a good choice for displaying the location of emergency and severe weather shelters. The sign can be quickly deployed when the shelter is open and folded back up when it is no longer needed.

Custom Sign Construction

Regardless of what the sign is being used for, it needs to be of high quality. Dornbos Sign & Safety can make a custom hinged sign for you out of heavy duty aluminum and high-intensity reflective surfacing designed to withstand even extreme weather. Your custom sign can be ready in just 5 to 15 days; give us a call at 800-922-0029 to get started.