Traffic Signs that Work!

Traffic Signs that Work!

5th Mar 2022

Dornbos Sign Inc. manufacturers reflective traffic signs that work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and last up to 12 years giving motorists the direction they need when driving on today’s busy streets and highways.

We silkscreen a majority of our traffic signs using  3M’s transparent inks that last for years and allow the headlights of cars to pass through the ink and reflect back to the driver giving them the illumination needed for motorist see recognize and comprehend the signs message even during the darkest nights and worst weather conditions.

Dornbos Sign Inc. also manufactures street name signs and guide signs using 3M Electrocut film to city, county and state road agencies the longest lasting traffic signs with the durability needed to provide you with directional and guide signs with a visibility second to none when it comes to retroreflectivity.

Another process Dornbos Sign & Safety uses to create high quality traffic and custom signs is by using printers that allow us to give sharp and detail oriented logos and legends that visually look exactly like your artwork and logo as well as traffic signs with  MUTCD – Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices details and specifications. Clear protective overlay film is then applied over the sign to help protect is from UV rays, scratches and graffiti. Dornbos Sign Inc. uses .080 thick 5052 aluminum to give your signs ridged durability without rusting.

Dornbos Sign Inc. sells sign brackets, sign posts and hardware needed to give your signs the best installation possible. We offer many types of vandal resistant nuts and bolts to keep your sign working on the roadway for you throughout the life of the signs.

Dornbos Sign Inc. has developed many long-lasting relationships with  city department of public workscounty road commissions and state departments of transportation as well as universities, schools, manufacturers and private contractors.

We appreciate and value our customers always striving to deliver signs and traffic control devices that meet or exceed Federal Highway Administrations specifications.

Call us today at 800-922-0029 or visit our website to get your next sign. You’ll be glad you did.