Trusted Sign Manufacturer

Trusted Sign Manufacturer

29th Sep 2022

Dornbos Sign Safety Inc. has been a trusted, high quality sign manufacturer for over 60 years. We take pride in the work we do with various county, city and state road departments. Using MUTCD – Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Federal Highway Administration specifications our signs meet or exceed these standards.

From R1-1 STOP signs to D3-1 STREET NAME SIGNS, Dornbos Sign Inc. pays meticulous attention to detail ensuring that your signs will be legal and hold up for years to come. Using 3M reflective sheeting products like; 3930 High Intensity Prismatic, 4000 series Diamond Grade with 1170 3M Electrocut applied to 5052 H38 aluminum your traffic signs will last for years giving the motorist on your roads the safest possible traffic signs on the market.

Traffic Control Safety Products like; 28” traffic cones with reflective wraps, TYPE III Barricades with 3M barricade tape in either High Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade reflective, these crashworthy devices ensure road workers and motorist are protected in the work zone to the fullest.

Dornbos Sign Inc. has been a major seller of Solar LED Traffic signs such as W11-2 Pedestrian Advance, S1-1 School Advance, R1-1 Stop signs to give critical pedestrian and school crossing an added safety feature of blinking LED lights lighting up the sign twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year. Dornbos Sign Inc. also specializes in Custom Solar LED signs for road agencies as well as military bases, hospitals, colleges and universities.

Heavy Duty Rust Proof street name sign brackets are also another durable, cost-effective product we sell that enhance your street name signs with the sturdiest installations available.

Work Zone Roll-up Construction Signs with MASH tested and approved stands that meet the lasted crash-test standards on the roadway today. MEN WORKING, ROAD WORK AHEAD and ONE LANE ROAD AHEAD are just a few of the temporary construction zone signs we sell. The reflectivity of these signs is available in SUPERBRITE, MARATHON and DIAMOND GRADE Reflective.

Sign Post that stand up to the elements and test of time made by Franklin Industries and Telespar Unistrut Galvanized Square Tubing lead the way when it comes to traffic sign installations. Once again, sign post products that meet MASH - Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware crash test, are another vital part of your traffic control sign installations that make buying from Dornbos Sign Inc., the right choice for your city, county and state road department.