What Are Solar LED Signs?

What Are Solar LED Signs?

16th Oct 2020

Solar LED signs are road signs outfitted with LED lights that are powered by sunlight. Their LED lights make them more visible than most conventional signs, especially for those driving in conditions with low visibility. They're a great alternative to conventional signs, whether they're placed in crosswalks, intersections, or somewhere more remote.

How Do Solar LED Signs Work?

Solar LED signs can be set up almost anywhere, just as long as they're in direct sunlight. Each sign is built with a small, non-obstructive solar panel that's connected to a specialized battery. This battery is essential to keep each sign bright and visible 24/7, no matter the weather.

The idea that solar signs only work when the sun is out is a common misconception. While the sunlight keeps the sign illuminated during the day, the stored energy in the battery keeps the LED lights on at night and other times where the sign isn't exposed to sunlight. Still, to get the most out of a solar sign, it should be located in areas where the solar panel won't be obscured by tree branches or other sunlight barriers.

Are Solar LED Signs Better Than Conventional Signs?

Solar LED signs have several advantages over conventional signs. Most notably, they have an extended lifespan and superior electrical efficiency. These two qualities make them far better for the environment and a more reliable long-term investment, as you won't have to worry about solar signs burning out, malfunctioning, or turning off if your community experiences a power outage.

The latter of those concerns is particularly worrying, especially if the sign in question is a stop sign, railroad sign, or any other sign that's meant to prevent accidents. Solar LED signs should be occasionally checked on, but they're far more reliable overall than signs that have to depend on electricity to function.

Whether or not they're the better choice for you and your community specifically depends on a few factors. Solar LED signs are ideal for communities with limited access to electric power, especially if they want to put these signs up in more remote areas. There are some areas where accessing electric power and paying a monthly bill is just too costly. Solar LED signs, on the other hand, come with no additional costs outside the initial purchase.

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