What makes high-quality reflectors?

What makes high-quality reflectors?

Posted by Mia on 25th Apr 2022

What makes high-quality reflectors?

Reflectors are an essential safety feature of street signs and traffic control products. However, not all reflectors are created equally. If you want high-quality, long-lasting reflectors that keep you and your community out of harm’s way, look for the following features.

Aluminum-backed reflectors

First, opt for aluminum reflectors – not cheap plastic ones. Plastic doesn’t have the integrity or durability to stand up to the elements long-term. Plastic may crack or warp with continued exposure to rain, snow, wind, and sunshine, rendering your reflector almost useless.

In contrast, aluminum is sturdy yet light. Our round reflectors feature leading-edge aluminum backing, which means they hold up in high winds and freezing temperatures. This makes them ideal for almost all situations, from marking the edge of a highway to signaling the end of your private driveway.

A quick caveat: Watch out for cheap aluminum reflectors and sign products. Over time, these will likely rust, thanks to the thinner substrate. So you may have to replace them sooner rather than later.

Easy installation

Whether you need aluminum reflectors for personal use or to enhance the safety of your local roadways, easy installation is a huge bonus. Time is money, and the quicker it takes to securely attach your reflectors to the desired surface, the better.

Our round reflectors come with pre-punched holes for a stress-free installation that takes just minutes.

3M Reflective Material

3M Reflective Material is a type of reflector that uses wide-angle, retroreflective lenses (essentially microscopic glass spheres) fused together with a specially engineered polymer to form a highly reflective surface that ensures both day and nighttime visibility. In addition, the adhesive used is abrasion-, wash-, and water-resistant, giving you total peace of mind.

3M Reflective Material meets or exceeds official MUTCD specifications and other federal and state guides for road safety reflectivity. It also comes in several levels of reflectivity. For example, High-Intensity Prismatic offers a 10-year lifespan, and 3M Diamond Grade – the highest grade of 3M – delivers 12 years of use.

Color options

Depending on your specific needs, you may need yellow, white, blue, green, or red reflectors. When shopping around, ensure the manufacturer offers reflectors in the appropriate color.


Quality is a non-negotiable when protecting motorists, and you can’t afford to take a chance on cheap reflectors manufactured overseas. Instead, shop for US-made products.

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we have decades of experience producing and selling the highest quality traffic control signs, custom signs, and reflectors. Our products are crafted right here in the USA, so our customers can rest easy knowing their investment is made to last.

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