What Type of Road Signs to Replace Before Fall Ends

What Type of Road Signs to Replace Before Fall Ends

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 11th Oct 2016

What Type of Road Signs to Replace Before Fall Ends

Traffic signs are used to communicate  regulatorywarning, guidance, and other information to road users. Road signs must be detectable, readable, and comprehensible to road users from a certain distance. In order to meet particular requirements, road signs vary in size, color, lettering, and retroreflection grade.

Overtime, color portions fade and the retroreflectivity of road signs gradually deteriorates. Although the lifespan of each road sign varies, every road sign must be replaced eventually.

Ensure Required School Zone Signs are in Place

Road signs can be put out of commission for a multitude of reasons: age, vandalism, or car accident—you name it. Whatever the reason, most road signs are necessary. They are in place for a reason and therefore should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

School zone signs put drivers on their toes and make them aware of what may or may not be present: children. Driving speeds are typically reduced in school zones and drivers are often suggested to proceed with extreme caution.

As summer comes to a close, all inept or missing school zone signage should be repaired or replaced before the new school year begins. School zones typically feature fluorescent yellow-green warning signs, such as: ‘School Crossing’ and ‘Children Present’.

Install Necessary Fall and Winter Warning Signs

There are many road signs designed to warn drivers of potentially hazardous conditions involving rain, snow, and ice in the fall and winter months. These warning signs alert drivers to risky road conditions and allow drivers to be more careful in order to avoid accidents.

Before the warmness of summer escapes us, it is a smart idea to make sure all necessary warning signs useful in the fall and winter seasons are in place. Agencies responsible for road sign installation and maintenance in areas that experience severe weather in the fall and winter months should double check warning signs such as: “Caution,” “Surface May Be Icy,” and “Snow Emergency Route”.

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