Who Can Benefit from Custom Signs?

Who Can Benefit from Custom Signs?

18th Jan 2021

Signage is an effective and affordable method of informing the public, promoting safety restrictions, or advertising a business. Of course, the stock signs you find in stores may not suit your specific needs. That's why many opt to have custom signs made by experienced sign manufacturers. Custom signs look appealing and can be tailored in any way you want.

With so many benefits of custom signs, almost any organization can gain from using them. Here's an overview of who can benefit from custom signs.

Business Owners

Whether you own a small local shop or a large corporation, custom signs for businesses can make a major impact. They can be used to inform customers about opening hours, social distancing guidelines, and special sales.

When your signs are custom-made, you can have them designed to fit your specific brand. This could include your brand colors, logo, slogan, or anything else that sets your business apart. Having the freedom to select specific fonts, sign sizes, and other details will ensure that your signs look distinct from the thousands of generic ones on the market today.


Construction Companies

One of the most notable industries that can benefit from custom signage is construction. Construction companies across the United States use traffic safety and warning signs to ensure the safety of their workers and everyone else on the road. However, construction companies may need more specific signs than those offered by stock sign manufacturers.

By opting for custom signs instead, construction companies can order high-quality signs that meet their exact specifications. This includes signs warning drivers about construction projects, road conditions, weather conditions, construction equipment, and much more.



It can be difficult for universities to effectively communicate with their professors, students, and various other staff members. The usual methods of trying to reach thousands of people at once can fall short, as emails get sent to spam or ignored and social media posts get buried.

Custom signs are an affordable, long-lasting, and versatile solution to this problem. By putting an actual physical sign in clear view of your students and staff, you can easily communicate everything, from a library's opening and closing hours to parking rules. By opting for custom signs over stock signs, you can ensure that each set of signs is optimized for every location.


Counties (Small Towns, Villages, Suburbs)

Signs are essential to promoting safety in communities, whether they're small towns, villages, or suburbs. These signs often include your standard regulatory, traffic, and warning signs. However, many areas have specific needs that can't be addressed by stock signs. This could include warnings about specific weather conditions, children playing, or anything else that's relevant to your community.


Dornbos Keeps Standards High

With over 60 years of experience creating custom signs for small business owners, construction companies, universities, and communities, Dornbos Sign and Safety is the best place to order custom signs online. Our American-made custom signs are premium vinyl, with 3M high-intensity prismatic grade sheeting and heavy-gauge, rust-free aluminum. They're highly visible and can endure the harshest of weather conditions .

If you'd like to order custom signs in Michigan from an independent, family-owned business, please feel free to reach out to our team today. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about our signs, the customization process, or anything else. You can contact us by emailing info@dornbossign.com, calling 1-800-922-0029, or by filling out our online form.