Wholesale School Sign Manufacturer

Wholesale School Sign Manufacturer

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 28th Jan 2016

Wholesale School Sign Manufacturer

Safety is of the utmost importance both on and near any school campus, which is why you will notice a number of safety signs surrounding any school. If you’re searching for a wholesale manufacturer of school traffic signs, you can find every type of school sign at Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. Here are just a few of the school signs we offer to help make your school a safety zone.

Safety Signs to Display on School Campuses

Dornbos Sign & Safety can work closely with your school to determine exactly where your school can benefit from the installment of safety signs and which types of signs should be put in place. Some examples of the standard on-campus school safety signs are:

  • SLOW: Children Playing
  • STOP For Children In Crosswalk
  • School Bus Station
  • Drug Free School Zone
  • No Soliciting
  • Proper ID Required To Enter Campus
  • Ped Xing
  • No Parking

Safety Signs near Schools

Not only is safety important on school campuses; it’s also crucial for the areas surrounding schools. They need to have signs prominently on display in order to protect students and to increase driver awareness as cars approach a school zone.

Bold and brightly colored signs with reflective qualities are important in school zones and can be mounted either directly by streets or on posts. The following signs are important to display in order to immediately warn drivers as they approach a school zone:

  • School Bus Stop Ahead
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Yield
  • SLOW: Pedestrian Crossing
  • SLOW: Children Playing
  • Watch Children
  • Stop Ahead (with solar-powered lights)
  • YIELD To Pedestrians
  • STOP For Children In Crosswalk

Custom School Signs

Based on your specific needs, Dornbos Sign & Safety can customize school safety signs using the same highly-visible coloring along with 3M reflective sheeting products. Some possible needs for custom school safety signs are:

  • Speed Limit During School Hours: 0PM - 0PM (with your specific school hours posted)
  • Reserved Parking For Assistant Principal (can include specific name)
  • Parking For Football Team Bus Only
  • Carpool Drop-Off Lane Only Between 0PM-0PM (your specific carpool times)
  • No Parking During 0PM-0PM (your specific “no parking” hours)
  • Street Signs for Schools

Many schools have named streets throughout the campus. When these streets run through school campuses but are not considered official city streets, Dornbos Sign & Safety will manufacture custom street signs, regardless of the name and length of the name. Our customized school street signs are made with reflective backgrounds and lettering on heavy duty, rust-proof aluminum and they include a 10-year guarantee from 3M.

These customized street signs are made with the same high-intensity, high quality prismatic finish, using the same materials that we use for signs required by the Department of Transportation. No order is too big or too small, so whether your school is in need of just 1 or multiple custom street signs, Dornbos Sign & Safety will work closely with you to customize a pricing plan that works best for your needs.

America’s Wholesale School Sign Manufacturer

For over 50 years, Dornbos Sign & Safety has been a leading provider of high quality traffic safety signs. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have with our customers and we work closely with all of them to ensure they are provided with the service and signs that they need. Contact Dornbos Sign & Safety today to order your school safety signs.