Why Aluminum Traffic Signs Are the Best Choice for Your City

Why Aluminum Traffic Signs Are the Best Choice for Your City

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 21st Jan 2016

Traffic signs don’t just vary in shape and size; they also differ when it comes to the location they are created to be placed in and when it comes to their composition. No matter what message signs communicate to drivers, or what symbols and words they use, each one is made of unique materials.

When street signs are created, their structure and colors are arranged in a way that will grab the attention of motorists. Generally, the more powerful the message is, the catchier the colors will be.

Strong Construction

The process of creating traffic signs involves putting together the framework of the sign (also known as the blanks) with the background sheeting and finally, the sign copy drivers namely see. The blanks are typically aluminum, steel or plywood. Plywood is the most affordable material, but not the strongest.

Even though plywood is a strong material, it can still be threatened by tougher weather conditions because of its porous nature. If you live in a city that’s prone to experiencing heavy rain or snow, this material is not an ideal choice.

Steel is a potent alternative that’s very sturdy, but it is susceptible to rusting and usually requires a zinc coating for protection from that. Aluminum, on the other hand, does not rust, which makes it extra practical for use in environments that are prone to climate change and air pollution.

Did you know aluminum is heat-resistant, too? This common metal is actually fireproof and it’s easy to shape. That’s why it’s not just used in cars, planes, and power plants. Aluminum signs can much better withstand the possibility of a brush fire.

Long Lifespan Means Lower Cost

Each city or state has it’s own traffic sign requirements, so it’s important to check your respective location’s requisites before deciding which sign you should get. Seeing as how wood and steel signs don’t last as long aluminum signs do, making sure you opt for high quality is a necessity.

Paint and other coatings tend to adhere to aluminum the most, so be sure the aluminum you go for is high-grade to prevent early wearing/fading. Even though aluminum usually comes at a higher price tag than steel and wood options do, it’s better to pay more for a long-lasting alternative, since you won’t have to worry about paying for replacements in the future.

A Safer Community

The less likely your traffic signs are to wear, the lower the chance motorists will miss them while driving during the day and the night. Your municipality will not only be more secure, its aesthetics will also be improved with signs looking like new all the time.

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