Why Are Road Signs Important?

Why Are Road Signs Important?

15th Jul 2020

Regulatory signs are used to inform or warn drivers of traffic laws or regulations on highways and roads across the nation. The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices or MUTCD is issued by the Federal Highway Administration to update various states and municipalities of the latest compliance standards for regulatory signs.

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we stay up to date on the latest compliance and new signage so that our customers don't have to. Examples of the signs we produce with high-quality metals, paint and materials include Stop, Do Not Enter, Speed Limit, Do Not Pass and Yield Signs.

What Are Traffic Signs?

U.S. road signs are standardized based on federal oversight to ensure consistency across state lines and to avoid confusion and accidents. In addition to the MUTCD, sign manufacturers and authorities take guidance from its companion document on Standard Highway Signs (SHS).

Different Kinds of Road Signs

Different Kinds of Road Signs

At Dornbos, we offer professional-looking, municipal-grade signs that resist rust and wind damage for years to come. No order is too big or small, and we accept commercial and government purchase orders.

Our customers include towns, cities, counties, states, businesses, road districts, hospitals, schools, airports, homeowner associations and golf courses. We are always looking to add new organizations to our growing family of satisfied clients

Some of the road signs we produce fall into the following categories:

  • Construction Signs
  • Custom Parking Signs
  • Custom Traffic Signs
  • Handicapped Signs
  • Metal Traffic
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Parking Signs
  • Reflective Traffic signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • School Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Yield Signs

Purpose of Traffic Signsone way sign

Traffic signs help maintain safety when obeyed by motorists. Ignoring signs can result in a ticket, but many seasoned drivers simply tune them out from habit. Here are some compelling reasons to emphasize your signage so that it stands out and to help ensure that drivers pay attention to signs in your municipality or complex.

Road Signs Prevent Accident


Many accidents result from a careless driver who doesn't see or pay attention to road signs. If signs are clearly marked with bright paint at dangerous four-way intersections or topographical features, there is a greater chance that drivers will obey them.

Signs are designed to deliver universally understood information. Make sure that your yield, speed limit and one way signs are the right color and use the right font to comply with federal guidelines.

Signs Point Out Hazardous Conditions

road closed sign

Road work signs are temporary but give motorists important information about how to proceed through busy construction zones. Drivers inherently understand that disregarding an orange sign can cause accidents and injury to workers or themselves, for example.

Other cautionary signs warn of icy conditions on bridges and give common sense warnings to drivers who aren't familiar with the area. Speed bumps, animal crossings, winding roads and other hazards must be clearly marked to help drivers remain alert to obstacles down the road.

Familiarity with symbols is crucial for creating road signs that promote the safety and efficiency of highway conditions.

Signs and Signposts

Controlling the interaction of the driving and the driving environment is a key component of highway safety measures. The shape of a road sign tells drivers as much as its color and message. A driver knows to take extra precautions in bad weather or while changing lanes, passing, approaching intersections or merging into flowing traffic thanks to standardized, well-maintained signage that's been in use for decades.

Yield Signs

Red and white yield signs with red lettering catch the eye of drivers from far away. They alert drivers of hazards, road conditions and merging traffic. Yield signs alert drivers to slow down and defer to merging vehicles. A flashing yellow light accompanied by a yield sign indicates to drivers to yield for pedestrians or traffic such as school buses and improve the safety of both the driver and other vehicles.

Stop Sign

A stop sign is red with bold white letters and may be the best-known road sign. It lets drivers know that stopping is mandatory and that it's safe to proceed only once the driver verifies a clear path. At a four-way stop sign at an intersection, drivers know that specific rules of engagement apply regarding which car should proceed first. 

Although drivers often pass crosswalks and roll through stop signs, the signage serves as a continuing reminder of what the rules are. When combined with flashing red lights, stop signs become even more useful at dangerous intersections.

Advantages of Road Sign

Dead End Sign

Road signs give municipalities control of their roadways as well as the tools to enforce the local, state or federal laws that keep drivers safe on U.S. roadways and intersections. They relay vital messages for the right and wrong way to handle certain traffic incidents.

You need a sign manufacturer that understands the importance of road signs and the integrity to apply the strictest quality standards to every sign produced on every order you place.

Choose Dornbos Sign and Safety

Stop Sign

At Dornbos, we use high-quality metals and cut signage to the precise shape and size required for maximum effect and to achieve 100% MUTCD standards.

Our road sign engineers have the safety of drivers and pedestrians in mind and can help you improve signage at intersections where traffic accidents have become more frequent.

If you have any questions on our road signs, feel free to browse through our FAQs regarding how to place an order and the turnaround time you can expect. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to answer your questions on standard signs in your municipality and how you can make the roads safer for everyone.

Dornbos is a premier provider of premium road signs and we are happy to help you keep drivers safe.