Why Bike Trail and Bike Paths Signs Are Important

Why Bike Trail and Bike Paths Signs Are Important

29th Jun 2020

Help Improve Cyclist & Pedestrian Safety

Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities in America. Close to 50 million people bicycle on a regular basis, and it's popular across age groups. Because the number of cyclists continues to rise, it’s more important than ever bike paths and trails are clearly marked to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

Park Cycling

Local, state and federal parks are encouraging their visitors to see their parks via bicycle more than ever before. Bicycling cuts down on the amount of pollution in our park system and allows visitors to explore more thoroughly. Bikes are allowed to go places cars can't and a person can cover more ground on a bike than on foot. 

Keeping it fun means making it safe. And the first step in any safety program is awareness. It may sound simple, but the single biggest safety measure that can be taken is the addition of signs that call attention to where bike paths and trails are. 


Why Are Bike Path and Bike Trail Signs Necessary?

Driver Awareness Most bicycle accidents are caused by distracted drivers. When they see a sign indicating they're running parallel to or about to cross a bike path, they're more likely to yield or stop. Without a sign, they may only be looking for slow-moving pedestrians and miss the faster bike about to cross in front of them.  

Biker Awareness 
Because distracted drivers are the main cause of accidents, letting cyclists know where their designated path or trail is with a bike trail sign, keeps them off the road. In cities and towns, long bike paths are a tourism draw and a loved by locals. If you have them clearly marked, people know exactly where to go with no confusion. 

If you work in the tourism industry and your local area has bike paths that aren’t clearly marked, bring it up with your town council and enjoy the boost it will give your town. Likewise, if a bike path is near your property, putting up a sign can keep cyclists and drivers in your area safer. 

Pedestrian Safety
There are signs that indicate bike trails, and also those that announce a path will be shared with pedestrians. Most pedestrian/bike collisions happen because one didn't know the other was there. Clearly making a path as dual usage can eliminate this danger. 

bike-trail-2 Are There Different Levels of Sign Quality? 
Yes! If you’re looking for bike trail or bike path signs for your place of business, park, town or residence, it’s critical you choose a company with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure the signs actually increase safety and last a long time. 

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, all our signs are made in the USA of heavy-duty aluminum to withstand all weather conditions without bending in the wind or rusting in the rain. Beware other signs made of cheaper and thinner materials, they bend easily and won’t last as long as you need them to. 

Our signs use 3M reflective sheeting for excellent day and nighttime visibility. To maintain high visibility, you can opt for an overlay film to protect them from graffiti. Experience We have been in the sign business for over 60 years. We were awarded the Iron Belle, MI Trail and its 828 miles of bike paths, starting south in Belle Isle and ending north in Ironwood. Whatever your sign needs, we’re committed to each order we get, no matter how big or small. We provide impeccable quality and exceptional service. Contact us  here or call 1-800-922-0029.