Why custom street name signs make the perfect gifts

Why custom street name signs make the perfect gifts

Posted by Mia on 5th Apr 2022

Why custom street name signs make the perfect gifts

The big day is approaching. A special someone in your life is celebrating a momentous occasion, and you’ve been tasked with gift-giving. You’re stumped for ideas – what do you get the person that seems to have it all? Well, we have the answer: a custom street name sign.

Here are four reasons why custom street name signs make the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

1. Custom signs are unique

Custom gifts always trump the stock standard. After all, how many towels does a person really need? If you opt for a street name sign, there’s no risk of doubling up or purchasing something someone already has. Custom street signs are 100 percent unique, one-of-a-kind, and totally personalized for the recipient.

Not only will your gift stand out, but your friend, partner, colleague, or family member will deeply appreciate the extra effort you went to. Name signs make extremely thoughtful gifts, whether you choose the person’s name or a place that connects the two of you.

2. Custom street name signs are meaningful

Sometimes, gift-giving can feel like going through the motions. You buy something for someone’s birthday because that’s the norm. Whether or not the recipient really wants or needs the item is beside the point. Who knows? They might just re-gift it.

Custom signs do not fall into this category of gift. They are memorable and long-lasting. No one would part with such a meaningful gift. Your money will be well spent on a keepsake that special someone will hold onto for many years to come. It certainly won’t end up re-wrapped and used in their office Secret Santa.

3. Name signs are flexible

There’s no denying the appeal of a full-scale, top-quality street sign emblazoned with your own name. It’s simply a cool object, something that looks fantastic mounted above a mantle, hung in a bedroom, or displayed pride-of-place in a man cave. But, you don’t just have to go the obvious route – you can put whatever you want on your custom sign (so long as it isn’t offensive). Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Last name
  • Street the person grew up on
  • Street that has a special meaning for you and the recipient
  • A word related to an inside joke
  • Street of the person’s new home
  • 4. Street name signs are completely customizable

    When you buy a custom street sign from Dornbos Sign & Safety, you are spoilt for choice. Here are some of the details we allow you to customize:

  • Flat or extruded style
  • One or two-sided sign
  • Size
  • Font
  • Color and border
  • Upper or lowercase
  • Prefix (e.g., E for east) and Suffix (e.g., Ave. or St.)
  • Logo (if you’d like to add a logo, give us a call on 800.922.0029)
  • Our quick and easy customization process empowers you to create a sign that meets your specific needs. Plus, we use high-quality aluminum, 3M high-intensity prismatic reflective material, and 3M electrocute film for razor-sharp precision and near unbeatable durability. These name signs are as hard-wearing as real street signs – in fact, they are even compliant with stringent rules and regulations.

    Ready to order the best gift ever?

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