Why Sign Color Matters

Why Sign Color Matters

20th Oct 2020

Why Does Sign Color Matter?

When we talk about sign quality, the conversation often centers around the sign's materials and overall

durability. However, color is an equal determining factor as to whether or not a sign can truly be

considered safe or high quality. If a manufacturer fails to comply with color standards set by the

Department of Transportation, their signs could fail to serve their actual purpose.

The Safest Signs Are the Brightest Signs

For signs to effectively regulate traffic and warn drivers of potential dangers ahead, they need to be


It may seem like a no-brainer, but many signs available for purchase online fail to ensure their visibility

under non-ideal driving conditions. This includes rainstorms, blizzards, fog, and other naturally

occurring conditions that may impair a driver's visibility.

Unfortunately, there are even signs that aren't entirely visible at night. The reason? Their manufacturer

has failed to meet the sign safety standards for color signs, including warning, regulatory, and traffic signs.

Department of Transportation Color Standards

All retailers selling signs in the US should adhere to the safety standards set by the Department of

Transportation. Agencies of the Department of Transportation use signs made with very specific materials

and colors to maximize their visibility. One example of this is warning signs, such as school, railroad,

speed, traffic control, and informational warning signs.

Their warning signs are fluorescent yellow, made using 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting. This

sheeting is optimal for all times of day, all weather conditions, and both short and long distances. Signs

made with these top-of-the-line materials are definitely far more visible than cheaply made alternatives

that don't meet safety regulations.

Not All Signs Meet the Standard

We'd like to believe that all sign manufacturers and retailers care about safety regulations, but that's

unfortunately not the case. Many retailers like to suggest to their customers that they make their own

signs when they're actually being made overseas. As a result, their signs are typically made by underpaid

workers in a way that's noncompliant to American safety standards and harmful to the environment.

To ensure that your signs are actually produced to keep your community, home, business, or construction

site safe, you're better off ordering from a retailer that makes their own signs in America. That way, you

can rest assured that they're visible, effective, and compliant with American safety regulations.

Order Compliant, High-Quality Signs From


Dornbos Sign and Safety is an independent, family-owned business located in Charlotte, Michigan. Unlike

other online sign retailers, we make our own signs here in the US. Doing so allows us to guarantee their

quality and adherence to all safety standards set by the Department of Transportation and full compliance

with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices' standards.

You can purchase our durable, bright signs, including our 3M DG3 fluorescent yellow warning signs, with

ease through our website. Though our stock signs come in set shapes and sign colors, you're also welcome

to order a custom sign online or by calling us directly.

If you'd like to place an order, create a custom sign, or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to

reach out. You can contact us at info@dornbossign.com, 1-800-922-0029, or through our online form. We

hope to hear from you soon!