Why Signs Are Essential for Real Estate Agents

Why Signs Are Essential for Real Estate Agents

14th Sep 2020

Why Signs Are Essential for Real Estate Agents

Real estate signs have been a staple of the real estate industry for decades, and for good reason. They allow interested buyers to contact agents directly, without having to go through any third parties. That said, the majority of today's buyers find houses through online searches.

So, do real estate signs work? Are they worth buying in our current technology-obsessed climate? Absolutely. This article will explain why signs are essential for real estate agents and which types of real estate signs are the most effective.

Attract More Potential Buyers

Though buyers find most homes through online searches, there's still a fair amount found through yard signs. This includes people driving past them and people who hear about them through word of mouth.

Online searches aren't always effective, in part because many people inadvertently exclude certain neighborhoods from their search. A real estate sign helps fill that gap, marketing to buyers who couldn't view the home online — especially if these signs are placed in areas with a fair amount of vehicle or foot traffic.

Given how affordable real estate signs are, there's no reason not to use them to broaden your reach to potential buyers. They're an easy way to set yourself apart in a crowded market. Charlotte real estate agents, for example, will benefit from using both signs and an online profile. There's no reason to exclude either marketing tool.

Market Yourself as an Agent

A major benefit to real estate signs is that they simultaneously market both the house and you as a real estate agent. By having multiple signs with your face and contact information all over the state, you increase your chances of receiving calls from people in need of your services. This is why it's essential to purchase a high-quality sign representing you and your agency in the best way possible.

Which Signs Are Most Effective?

If you decide to buy real estate signs, definitely go for those that give you a wide range of customizable options. The most effective real estate signs are those you can tailor to you and your agency. While there are some cheap, basic signs you can find online, they don't compare to the signs where you can include your picture, the name of your agency, and your contact information in big, bold letters.

Font size is incredibly important, as you want your signs to be visible to people driving by. You should also include a photo of yourself that's professional and inviting, with high-quality resolution and lighting. It might even be worth having your picture taken by a professional photographer. Thousands of people could see these signs, so why not take the opportunity to impress potential clients?

Choose Dornbos Custom Michigan Real Estate Signs

Whether you're a real estate agency or an individual agent, you can count on Dornbos real estate signs to attract more clients and buyers than ever before. Contact us today to create a custom design or send us your logo and photo and we'll put them on a commercial real estate sign. Protective or reflective film can be added at no extra charge to keep your custom real estate sign looking like new.

You can reach us through email at info@dornbossign.com, by phone at 1-800-922-0029, or through our online form. With our efficient shipping practices, you'll have your new, high-quality real estate signs in no time.