Why the Lowest Bid Doesn't Always Save You Money When Buying Wholesale Street Signs

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 30th Dec 2015

You work hard to make cautious investments, and most of the time you’re satisfied with the results. Other times, however, you come to the conclusion that it might have been better to go with the pricier alternative for a certain product.

That’s usually the case when it comes to purchasing street signs. There are so many consumers that tend to opt for the less costly option, which ends up transforming into a more expensive purchase after a short while. Here’s why that happens.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Generally, you’re paying for the quality that you’re getting. The lower the price is, the greater the odds are for getting lower quality signs, and vice versa. The problem with compromising when it comes to the value of your signs is that you’ll most likely have to change them sooner.

Fading from sunlight exposure can occur just two years (and sometimes even less) after installing a street sign of lower quality. Signs constructed of high-quality aluminum can last up to ten years without rusting. These signs actually meet the standards of the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Safety First

Durable materials are usually characterized by a premium grade. When street signs are made of such materials, they can withstand severe weather conditions. More affordable options can sometimes be susceptible to fading or rusting over shorter periods of time.

The fading of paint and the symbol or the message a sign displays can pose a risk on motorists and the general public. It’s similar to purchasing new tires for a lower price tag. Although it might be cheap at the moment of purchase, lower quality tires can give out much more quickly than quality ones and put your life in danger.

In addition, by using better street sign installation options, you can minimize the chances of having to deal with a fallen sign that can get damaged by an incoming vehicle. Windy conditions can cause the sign to fly out of place if it’s not well made or properly held into place.

The Power of Reflective Sheeting

Street signs with reflective sheeting are absolute necessities. Reflectivity offers higher visibility, especially during darker hours. There are different levels of reflective sheeting, and many enhance visibility during daytime hours, too. For instance, 3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting can be used in several traffic-control areas thanks to its high retro-reflective features.

These coverings prolong the durability of a sign. To make the right choice and have the ability to measure the exact long-term cost of your sign, you should divide the price of the sign by the average number of years for which it can be used.

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