Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Worn Or Faded Construction Work Signs And Barriers

Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Worn Or Faded Construction Work Signs And Barriers

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 28th Jun 2016

Wherever you live there is bound to be construction at some point during the year. In Midwestern states, it seems to be year-round. But no matter where you are, construction is never an expected occurrence. It can happen any time, anywhere—sometimes popping up overnight.

In most situations, there are plenty of signs warning drivers that they are approaching a construction zone. And if there isn’t, there should be. What is really awful though is when construction signs and barriers are not as visible as they should be. If construction signs are worn or faded, this is a hazard that should be fixed immediately.

Non-visible Traffic Control Signs are Dangerous

Have you ever missed a sign on the highway or street? Maybe it was the sign for the exit you needed and you blew right past it. Or perhaps you were oblivious to the sign that said the 65 mph speed limit reduced to 45. Whatever you’ve experienced as a driver, we all know how easy it is to miss a sign while driving.

In a perfect world, every driver would be able to easily read and understand every traffic control signal and sign. But since this isn’t a perfect world, and people are oftentimes distracted while driving, drivers can really use all of the help they can get. Even if it means putting up multiple signs and making sure that they are maintained properly and as visible as can be. It’s worth it to prevent lives lost in car accidents, especially in construction zones.

Whenever there is construction, the road is not set up how it normally is. Drivers should be more vigilant and drive with more caution, but this is not always the case. Construction usually means lanes merged, reduced speed and increase congestion. If there are poor weather conditions, there is usually more chaos than usual. And if it is nighttime, the risk of accidents increases.

If you are responsible for the construction process, then you should be making sure that there are numerous signs warning drivers of upcoming construction and ensuring the signs are easily read and visible. Not only is there an increased risk for accidents, construction workers’ lives are at risk.

Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. Construction Signs and Barriers

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires there to be traffic control signs and barricades in construction zones. Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. offers roll-ups and construction signs, plus accessories, including:

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