WRONG WAY SYSTEMS - Smart systems that detect, warn and alert/

WRONG WAY SYSTEMS - Smart systems that detect, warn and alert/

29th Aug 2022

In response to the increased frequency of wrong way related accidents, K&K Systems has developed a Wrong Way framework of components that function together or independently to make our highways safer.

We utilize Thermal Imaging cameras, Optical IR cameras, and Radar Sensors integrated with our Sign Alert System/CrossTalk Controller, to detect a violator, to alert the driver of their error, and then to report the offense to authorities.

Our Thermal and IR imaging cameras are proudly made in the USA. They utilize sophisticated AI software that allows visual clarity to determine a violation. While thermal and IR cameras operate in the same manner, thermal imaging allows detection through dense fog, heavy rain, smoke, and other conditions that hinder eyesight.

Every part of K&K Wrong Way Systems has been put through rigorous testing for temperature, moisture, shock, static, and more meeting NEMA and FCC requirements. K&K Wrong Way Systems have also passed Florida Department of Transportation’s Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory testing reporting 200 accurate alerts with no misses and no false positives.

K&K Systems is driving the standard for Solar and AC powered Wrong Way Systems. Contact us today for a system done right for you.