Traffic Sign Safety: The Importance of Good, Quality Reflective Signs

Posted by Lindsey Cook on 2nd Oct 2014

Driving down the road, we see hundreds of traffic signs. We have learned that red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go. Traffic signs tell us where to go and how to safely reach that destination. For this purpose, it is essential for road commissions, businesses, schools and communities to properly place signs on their roads.

Proper sign placement involves more than installing a traffic sign. It is very important to place them where they belong, but you must also consider what grade of sign to place. Take, for example, a stop sign. This simple, well recognized sign is incredibly important when it comes to safety and accident prevention. In Michigan, sometimes we are plagued by blizzards and other natural forces that make driving, especially at night, a scary experience. On those nights (and any other night) when driving in the snow is a necessity, we need our signs to be reflective enough to be visible from a safe distance. High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) stop signs are the solution to the reflectivity requirement. The HIP signs can be seen at night from 100 or more meters away. The clearer visibility of these signs gives drivers a better warning, which greatly increases their reaction time, thus helping to prevent accidents.

Another relevant detail to consider when purchasing signs is, of course, the price. While HIP signs are more expensive than an Engineer grade sign, the value of them more than makes up for it. A new, HIP 30” R1-1 stop sign made by Dornbos Sign costs $34.50. This HIP stop sign can be expected to last a minimum of 10 years, meaning that the actual cost is about a one cent a day during the length of its life. HIP material is a good investment for the safety of your roads, and the price does not exceed the value.

Properly placing reflective signs are essential for the safety of our roads. Plain and simple, signs save lives. Here at Dornbos Sign, you can order the signs that meet your safety standards, and the standards of the state of Michigan. Give us a call or browse our website; we are happy to help you effectively buy the right signs, at the right price, for safe roads in your city, county, or neighborhood.