How Post Reflectors Improve Visibility of Traffic Signs

How Post Reflectors Improve Visibility of Traffic Signs

Posted by Kelsey Mansel on 27th Oct 2020

Increase Visibility of Traffic Signs

In order to ensure the highest level of vehicle and pedestrian safety there is a wide range of traffic signage required by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). These include familiar signs like STOP and SPEED LIMIT to signs not included in the manual but often placed on roads like BLIND CHILD AREA and various NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH signs. While each sign’s placement is carefully evaluated by road departments in conducting a safe flow of traffic, some signs are more important to highlight than others. Red post reflectors are a popular way to highlight Stop signs—particularly in areas with an obstructed view or an intersection that has experienced multiple accidents.

Post reflectors are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials that are made to withstand the elements and provide excellent day and night time visibility. Reflectors serve an array of applications that include but are not limited to:

Traffic Reflectors – Highlight Existing Traffic Signage

Utility Reflectors – Indicate Utility Boxes and Posts

Mailbox/Driveway Reflectors – Mark Mailboxes and Driveways

Decorative Reflectors – Cover Posts for a Sleeker Look in Neighborhoods


Mailbox and Driveway Reflectors

Do you have a mailbox or driveway that is obstructed or difficult to locate? Perhaps you have a long winding drive you would like to mark for safe travels at night? Reflectors are an excellent and cost-efficient tool for increasing the visibility of your roadway. Here at Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. we produce a variety of small reflectors to fit your unique needs using high quality materials made to last. Beware of cheap plastic reflectors that break easily during heavy winds or high snowfall. Our reflectors are low maintenance and made from durable aluminum and won’t require replacement year after year.

See the list below for our recommendations and most popular products for mailbox and driveway markers:

3 ¼” Round Aluminum Back Reflectors

4” x 4” Diamond Aluminum Reflectors

4” x 8” Aluminum Reflectors

3” x 12” Aluminum Reflectors


Wide Selection for Every Situation

Here at Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. we understand that every situation is unique so we offer a wide variety of sizes, materials, colors, and stripe options to ensure your needs are met. Our reflectors are made from the same materials used for standard traffic signage—high quality .080 aluminum that won’t rust and durable 3M High Intensity Prismatic or 3M Diamond Grade reflective that meets or exceeds ASTM standards for reflectivity. If you’re looking to save a trip to the hardware store we have you covered—our post reflectors have an optional hardware kit so you have everything you’ll need for fast and easy installation.


Trust Only The Best

Our number one priority at Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. is customer satisfaction—that is why we have carefully curated the highest quality materials to ensure your signs and reflectors last for years to come. We have been manufacturing traffic signs for over 60 years and all of our materials are Made in the USA.

We offer a variety of post reflectors that can be found here. If you have questions or want to request a special size or color please let us know and we would be happy to put together a quote for approval.

Why wait? Reach out today and improve your signage visibility with high quality post reflectors.

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