Sign Post Reflectors

Sign Post Reflectors

3rd Nov 2018

Traffic Sign Manufacturer and Traffic Control Safety Products

Whether it’s night or day, those driving throughout Michigan could always benefit from extra visibility on their road signs. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we create reflective traffic control safety products to suit a range of purposes. From making road signs easier to see at night to ensuring residential mailboxes and doorways are made obvious, our reflectors suit an array of purposes. To learn more about how we can help you, keep reading:

As traffic sign manufacturers, we make road signs safer with our reflectors. While road signs may seem obvious to some, there are certain situations where they become less so. For example:

  • When a sign is obstructed by foliage
  • During bad weather, including fog and heavy snow
  • At night
  • In such cases, reflective road signs help to maintain the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and bike users alike. Our range includes R1-1 Stop Signs. Arguably, these signs are designed to promote the height of safety on the roads. They’re usually placed in areas where the driver is likely to collide with someone or something if they don’t take the time to pause and assess what’s on the road ahead. The reflective R1-1 Stop Signs we produce are designed to capture the driver’s attention, drawing it towards the instructions they must adhere to as a result. When the sign is more obvious, they’re less likely to cause an accident.

    Another example is our chevron road signs. When driving in bad weather or at night, sharp corners aren’t always obvious. When the temperature starts to drop in Michigan, not slowing down for a sharp corner can become fatal. Incidents such as black ice increase the driver’s breaking time, making it more likely that they’ll collide with another vehicle or a stationary structure. Our reflective chevrons make each part of the curve obvious, giving them a chance to adjust their speed accordingly. As a result, the chances of an accident occurring drop significantly.

    Ensuring pedestrians remain safe with aluminum post reflectors

    Pedestrian safety isn’t always easy to maintain, especially when it’s dark. It becomes even more challenging when big events are taking place, as passing vehicles may not see large crowds until it’s too late.

    Using aluminum post reflectors , it’s possible to make safety devices such as bollards, temporary posts, and crowd control structures more obvious. Available in a range of sizes, the use of aluminum means they can withstand poor weather conditions. As each one features a reflective color that becomes obvious when car headlights hit them, they make it easier for drivers to see where pedestrianized areas are, preventing them from driving onto them as a result. 

    Latest Changes to Michigan Department of Transport’s Highway Delineator Post Reflector Sizes

    Did you know that the Michigan Department of Transport recently changed its highway delineator post size requirements? They were once 4” x 8” only, now they’re 3” x 9” and 3” x 12”, depending on local requirements.

    To ensure your highways aren’t in breach of the latest changes, we’ve adapted our small reflector post sizes accordingly. If you’re yet to make the change, browse through our stock and find the right safety tools for your signage.

    If you’re trying to make your home and mailbox obvious, we have small post reflectors for you too

    At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we appreciate that it isn’t just local government departments or businesses that need sign post reflectors. If you live in a rural area where your mailbox is situated away from your house, you’re probably familiar with how easy it is for vehicles to knock them while driving in the dark. One way to resolve this is to use a small post reflector. They’re ideal for fences, mailboxes, and other house structures that are vulnerable to road users. After becoming clear in a vehicle’s headlights, the driver will automatically avoid driving into them. Additionally, you may find that they’re useful for making your location more obvious to visitors and the emergency services.

    We’re consistently updating our traffic control safety product range, so don’t forget to check back to see what we have in stock. If you have any questions about our reflective safety signs, call 1-800-922-0029. Each reflector is made in the USA and meets the highest safety standards available.